The Volunteer Program Power Kit Saves You Time & Money


You save thousands of dollars since you do not have to hire a consultant to do this work for you. You can also reap the rewards of implementing this Kit in your grant writing and communications work!

The 3 Sections in this Kit support you in implementing best practices for volunteer recruitment and interviewing, volunteer supervision, and volunteer wellness.


Only $29.99

Benefits to Your Organization

1 |  Ensure quality, high performing volunteers are engaging program clients.

2 |  Quality assurance (i.e. QA) practices will become possible in terms of volunteer oversight.

3 |  Professional development (PD) through the completion of this Kit and PD practices among volunteers becomes accessible and affordable.

4 |  Grant writing will become richer because you can write confidently about the quality of work implemented by volunteers.

Benefits to Supervisors

1 |  You get curated supervision practices for implementation in your program.

2 |  You make your program the best experience for volunteers, professionally and personally.

3 |  You get to be part of the next generation of nonprofit leaders concerned about the intersections of program success and team wellness.

4 |  As a supervisor, you don’t spend time recreating the wheel.

Benefits to You, the Nonprofit Professional

By the time you complete this Kit, you gain the following skills and knowledge:

1 |  Program design

2 |  Supervision best practices

3 |  Wellness in the nonprofit sector

4 |  Program leadership