Explore our nonprofit and LLC, two transformative
approaches for those dedicated to resolving social oppressions



We are a collective of healers, bringing science and ancestral gifts to teams. 

Mitigating the negative impact of stress and vicarious trauma on our bodies and minds is vital for transforming societal oppressions. The healing workshops and one-on-one sessions are geared towards folks who are serving the community.

We subsidize the cost of services through grants and donations for those working in nonprofit community-based organizations. 


Decolonize: Self-intervene on social forces that create dis-ease.

Wellness: Elevate wellbeing in self-sustaining ways.


By focusing on the wellness of groups and individuals, we advance their talents and capacities to transform social inequities.

We are a femme and Indigenous led team. 


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We are a collective of specialists with decades working in the community, collaborating with teams and communities who navigate oppressive systems.

Conducting studies and designing tools for your programs amplifies your team’s ability to address social inequities in sustainable ways.

Learn more about how we collaborate with organizations on the Services page.


Collaboration: Advance social impact with an authentic, shared strategy.

Decolonize: Curb practices and systems that track, control, and punish populations as part of U.S. colonial history.

Humility: Elevate the knowledge of the community.


We provide expertise on nonprofit research, structures, and practices that heal and strengthen teams in order to advance their work in transforming historical social trauma for which we are all the heirs.


Too often, contracted facilitators represent colonization paradigms. We are conscientious about serving your team with a different, dynamic paradigm.    

Black and Brown women specialists will lead the project with your team, supporting the healing of your programs and staff from the impact of colonizing and racism that we have all inherited. 

BGH LLC is femme and Indigenous owned. 

We love curating specialists that match your team’s priorities. 

Project Coordinator

Morghan Vélez Young, Ph.D., is dedicated to the transformation and healing of lives impacted by historically oppressive forces through teaching and research with Fresno State University as well as consulting with Brown Girl Healing LLC and Brown Girl Healing nonprofit. It has been her honor to walk alongside community members who navigate poverty, racism, and generational trauma in order to fulfill the vision of her ancestors. Her work inside youth prisons, neighborhoods, and organizations has focused on finding opportunities for change and the deliberate amplification of voices; her academic and other publications reflect this through-line. Her family is Choctaw, Cherokee, and Tepehuan and informs her dedication to community transformation. 

Ph.D., Stanford University, 2011
Certification, Emotion Code, 2022
Facilitator, PSYCH-K, 2022
Certification, Tension and Trauma Release Exercises, 2018
Certificate, Victim-Offender Mediation, Fresno Pacific University, Fresno and Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program, 2005
Certificate, Holistic Integrated Development, University of the Free State, Republic of South Africa, 2003
Certificate, Group Facilitation, California State University, Fresno, 2003



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