The Program Refresh Kit Saves You Time & Money


You save thousands of dollars since you do not have to hire a consultant to do this work for you. You can also reap the rewards of implementing this Kit in your grant writing and other fund development work! “Refreshing” the program means that you methodically explore where adjustments can be made in your program so that the program can become increasingly effective, strong, and enjoyable for both clients and staff.

Only $59.99

Benefits to Your Organization

1 |  Grant writing will become easier and faster for the program undergoing a refresh.

2 |  Quality assurance (i.e. QA) practices will become possible.

3 |  Promoting the program’s importance and processes will be simplified.

4 |  Professional development via the Kit becomes accessible and affordable.

Benefits to Supervisors

1 |  You get a streamlined program so that you’re not bogged down with time sucks.

2 |  You make your program the best experience for clients and staff.

3 |  You have funders and partners that need you to show the program processes in a succinct way.

4 |  As a supervisor, you don’t spend time coaching new staff on how to deal with odd, outdated practices that need to be shed from the program.

Benefits to You, the Nonprofit Professional

By the time you complete this Kit, you gain the following skills and knowledge:

1 |  Program design

2 |  Data collection tool design

3 |  User experience design

4 |  Program leadership

5 |  Ideation process (i.e. inventing new ideas through methodical steps)

6 |  Communication leadership

“What should I expect?”

There are 7 Steps for Program Success and together the Steps require an estimated 20-hours to complete. Each of the Steps includes short videos to support your success with the Kit. Overall, you save thousands of dollars with this Kit. Typically, Anchoring Success requires $3,000 to $4,000 to complete a Program Refresh, but you can accomplish a quality revamping of your program with this Kit.



“What are the steps to purchasing the Program Refresh Kit?”

1 |  After purchasing the Kit through Paypal, you will receive an automated receipt through email.

2 |  Within 24-hrs of your payment, you will receive an email from Anchoring Success with the Kit.

3 |  The Kit includes a pdf that you can use digitally or print along with short videos that walk you through understanding and implementing the Kit.