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Workshop participants get a short introduction to the Indigenous history and science behind the healing approaches. Then, the group goes into using and learning how to sustain the practices on their own. 

Tension & Trauma Release (TRE)

In research, tremoring or shaking mitigates the negative impact of chronic stress, PTS, and vicarious trauma. We will teach you how to activate your own shaking experiences, turn it off when you desire, and reactivate it on your own time. This is a self-sustaining practice that you get to learn for your long-term use. 

Tremoring is used in many Indigenous contexts; the TRE approach has been weaved into Western institutions such as the Veteran’s Administration in order to bring this healing option to persons with PTS. 

Check out research and more on TRE natural tremoring from the international certifying and research organization.


Emotion Code 

Clearing trapped emotions is an option to help mitigate the negative impact of chronic stress and vicarious trauma. Trapped emotions can exacerbate existing stressors.

Learn more about the generational transmission of emotional memory among mammals, for example in this publication by Yehuda and Lehrner (2018)



Reprograming subconscious beliefs can address chronic stress and vicarious trauma. Subconscious beliefs can exacerbate health issues and factors that are creating those health issues.

Research illustrates brain changes that occur during sessions in Psych-K. Check out more on Psych-K on the international certifying and research organization’s website. 



Healing Trauma Enrollment Form

Healing Trauma Enrollment Form

Learn 3 Indigenous healing approaches to support your nervous system from past or ongoing trauma and stress.

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