1. When looking at your services, I don’t know what my organization needs. What do you recommend? 
Response: Great thought! Every organization has different nuances, but within every organization it’s 100% doable to slowly embed strategic data practices that empower your team and clients. Schedule a conversation with us at We can talk about your organization’s strengths, short- and long-term goals, and what is practical for your budget.

2. How much time does it take to undertake a program evaluation study? 
Response: This is a practical question. The timeline depends on the purpose of the study. Also, some organizations don’t need a third-party evaluation study; instead, they need help embedding program evaluation practices and tools. Still further, some organizations benefit from both — might as well embed program evaluation practices while participating in an actual study. This makes program evaluation sustainable for the organization long into the future. When you’re ready, reach out to us for a conversation

3. What’s the connection between research and program evaluation with retreats? I see that your firm is heavy on research and program evaluation, but you also facilitate board and staff retreats. Do you train boards and staff in program evaluation? 
Response: That’s right. We train staff teams and boards in retreat formats. The trainings are anchored to operational assessments (e.g. how healthfully the organization is functioning) and program evaluation (i.e. everyone’s responsibility with program evaluation). With boards, retreats are innovative capacity-building trainings.

4. How does Anchoring Success invoice for projects? 
Response: The cost of projects is determined prior to launching the project. Half the cost is paid at the start and the remainder is invoiced at the conclusion of the project.

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