Educational Workshops & Talks

We provide two areas of educational workshops and talks. These two areas support staff, volunteers, Boards of Directors, and donors to get on the same page and powerfully chart new agendas.

1. The intersection of racial justice and restorative justice
2. Bias and oppression in programming and services


We provide two types of workshops for teams and individuals to mitigate chronic stress and vicarious trauma.

1. TRE natural tremoring sessions with individuals and groups
2. A science-based modalities workshop with staff teams

Examples of Workshops & Talks

Our Punitive Society: Race, class, gender and punishment in America.
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College Access, Advocacy, and Health: Factors That Matter for Youth and Young Adults Moving From Juvenile and Adult Prisons Into College, American Educational Research Association. San Francisco, CA, April 2020

Wellness Workshop:
 Learn three science-backed practices for advancing your wellbeing and nonprofit work. Fresno, CA, Jan 2019

Not Your Usual Mission Statement Workshop: Bringing all components of your organization into alignment. Fresno, CA, Jan 2019

Formerly incarcerated college students from youth prisons: Their successes through academics and activism. American Criminological Society, Atlanta. GA, November 2018

How Community-Based Advocacy Programs Benefit Formerly Incarcerated Youth, California Funders for Boys and Men of Color Sacramento, San Joaquin Valley, Regional Action Committee Meeting, Sacramento, CA, Sept 2018

“Meaning Making” tools for data analysis in community organizations. Community Indicators Consortium Impact Summit, Minneapolis, MN, September 2018

Attract Funders by Showing Your Successes, California Conference on Apprenticeship, San Diego, CA, March 2018

Designing for educational and racial equity in programs and services for transitional-age youth in both school and justice systems. National School Social Workers Association of America, Columbus, Ohio, March 2018

Women in Community Organizations: 3 Tech Tools Tailored for Building Tech Leadership in Nonprofits, 5th International Women’s Day Celebration, Women Techmakers, Fresno, CA, March 2018

Educational contexts for incarcerated students: Academic identity-making while navigating educational barriers. American Educational Research Association, New York, New York, April 2018